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+ Ulla Pedersen +

27. März - 29. April 2019

Ulla Pedersen in der Galerie SEHR, Koblenz 2019
Cut Up Canvas Large, Acryl auf Leinwand, 140 x 140 cm
Ulla Pedersen in der Galerie SEHR, Koblenz 2019
Cut Up Wood Large, Acryl auf Holz, 58 x 42 cm

Cut Up Square Combination, Acryl auf Holz, 40 x 40 cm

Ulla Pedersen in der Galerie SEHR Koblenz 2019
Cut Up Square Combination (Black, Blue, Red, Grey) Large 15 Holzplatten à 40 x 40 cm

Cut Up Round, Acryl auf Holz, 17, 28 und 39 cm Durchmesser

Cut Up Paper, 30 x 30 cm



Exploration of the circle


The outset for my art is the investigations of the circle. I explore contrast and lack thereof. Both in regards to color, form and place.


I carefully consider every single piece of art both in its uniqueness as well as a part of a series of related investigations. I multiply a single base form, analyze its potential in various constellations.


The circle is where I start. I use methods as cutting, layering, masking, displacement and repetition of form or non-form. I cut circles, but never in circles.

I use the circular form and I am taking advantage of both the positive and the negative forms and clippings.


I use what I cut. I test new angels in every piece of art I make – and I attack in a new way each time. By juxtaposition of color, I create a dialogue or contrast. I use unclear colors in contrast with clean and pure ones.


It is not only the forms and colors I investigate, but also the materials. I explore the potential of my art on different materials – canvas, wood, paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, acrylics etc.


By dragging shapes onto other materials I can work in multiple dimensions. I am concerned with tension or balance in every piece, and explore relationships. Also here governs the contrast.


With the awareness of these artistic rules, I aim to challenge the exception….. Always.


Ulla Pedersen




Ulla Pedersen




Ulla Pedersen is a Danish abstract artist. Her work is a minimal and concrete exploration of color, materiality, form and balance. She lives and works in the Capital Region of Denmark.



Pedersen studied from 2003 through 2005 with Ingela and Thomas Skytte at the Spektrum Art School in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 2004 she received an honorary grant from the Aage and Yelva Nimbs Foundation.



Pedersen works with acrylic paint on many different surfaces, including canvas, wood, paper, cardboard and plastic.

Her process is reductive.

When painting a composition, she tends toward a limited color palette, often reducing the composition to minimal, hard-edged shapes on solid-colored fields.

When making her assembled pieces, she cuts shapes away then re-combines them into new configurations, using both the positive elements (the shape she has cut out) and the negative elements (the part that was left behind).

She uses everything, juxtaposing notions of "form and non-form," and always leaving room for discovery and surprise.



Pedersen is inspired by the potential she sees in formal aesthetic elements. She is particularly fascinated with the circle. Her work can be seen as an investigation into the way relationships emerge and evolve when elements like color, form, shape, angle and pattern are blended, shifted and layered.

The harmonies and tensions in the work arise from different relationships: those between the colors, the patterns, and the geometric and organic hapes.

She is also interested in artistic materials. As she experiments with different surfaces, mediums and techniques, the artistic process itself becomes the basis of her discovery.



Her work is included in the collections of the Danish Foreign Ministry Art Association, the Danish Ministry of Integration Art Association, the Copenhagen City Art Foundation, and the Municipal Art Collection of the City of Aarhus.



Pedersen has exhibited throughout Denmark primarily in curated Group exhibitions and solo exhibitions in companies in the capital area. During the 2018 and 2019 she as been invited to numerous exhibitions around the world.